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Extools - Free Microsoft Excel add in download - Free Excel spreadsheet editing tools built with Excel VBA

Extools FREE MS Excel add in
Extools screenshots
Download Extools FREE Microsoft Excel add in
Extools v2.0.5
Extools RX v1.0.3
(June 21, 2008)
  Extools is a free Microsoft Excel add-in program, download Extools and get a collection of powerful and easy to use free Excel spreadsheet tools and utilities (built with powerful Excel VBA macros), all accessible from the added Extools menu on Excel's menu bar.

If you use MS Excel, you'll need to download and install Extools add-in. Perform complicated spreadsheet tasks easily even if you've never had Microsoft Excel training or read any Excel tutorial.

It's 100% free software. No malware, no spyware, no nag screens, no messing with Windows registry and doesn't collect any info from your PC.

There are two free Microsoft Excel add-in downloads available, Extools for Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 and Extools RX for Excel 2007. Both have the same features, with the difference only in the user interface(menu system). Extools RX is a TRUE Excel 2007 add-in as it utilizes the new Microsoft Office 2007 RibbonX user interface design and file format. Extools RX has it's OWN tab in Excel 2007, not like older add-ins which are all inconveniently grouped under a generic Add-Ins tab in Excel 2007. See Extools RX screenshots. Extools RX is the FIRST and only(as of June 2007) FREE general purpose utililies suite add-in for Excel 2007 using the new Ribbon interface and new file format.

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Some spreadsheet tools and utilities in Extools MS Excel free add-in

  • Text edit tool - Change case, Insert, Trim, Remove, Combine.
  • Worksheet - Compare worksheets, Create Worksheet Map and more.
  • Unit Converter - Area, Length, Speed, Temperature, Volume, Weight and more.
  • Check for duplicates.
  • Favorite Text Clips.

See list of all tools and utilities...

Special features which set Extools apart from other add-in downloads

  • By default, Excel will clear all “Undo” history after a worksheet is edited by any Excel VBA macro. In Extools and Extools RX, the “Undo” functionality is specially coded with additional Excel VBA macro.
  • It's also the only free Excel add-in software with a complete Unit Converter for spreadsheets.
  • Extools is made up of many tools, but no unnecessary tools are loaded during Excel startup. The tools and utilities will be loaded only when necessary. ExTools free excel spreadsheet add-in software will automatically manage its own memory usage. You do not need to manually unload any tools, it will be handled transparently in the background.
  • Extools and Extools RX free Excel spreadsheet add-in are free for both personal AND business organization use.
  • Extools and Extools RX are CLEAN software. They do not modify or add anything to the Windows registry, settings, desktop, Start menu etc. (They can be removed just by deleting the containing folder)
Donate to support Extools Excel add in If you find Extools free Excel spreadsheet add-in software useful, please help to keep this site going and help the further development of Extools and Extools RX. Donate securely through PayPal.


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