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Extools - Free Microsoft Excel add in download - Free Excel spreadsheet editing tools (Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003)

The guide on this page is for Extools (Excel 97~2003). If you have Excel 2007, please see installation guide for Extools RX (Excel 2007).

After you have downloaded Extools free Microsoft Excel add-in spreadsheet software, follow the steps below to install. Well, there's actually no installation to be done to get the free Excel spreadsheet add-in download to run, you just need to unzip the files to your PC - and you do not need to know Excel VBA or Excel macros too. If you do not have any unzip software, get Winzip from www.winzip.com. If you are using Windows XP or Vista, you do not need Winzip. Just use Windows Explorer/My Computer to open the downloaded Zip file and copy the contents to a new folder on your PC.

The steps and illustrations below are for Microsoft Excel 2003, but you can follow the exact steps for Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003. It is recommended that you create a new folder for Extools at the root of your hard drive, e.g. C:\extools (or other name).

If you use Extools or Extools RX, and you have a website/blog, please mention or link to this site. Thanks

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1.   Create a new folder with whatever name you like. Extract the Extools files to the new folder. See example of the extracted files below:
  Example of extracted ExTools files to the PC

2. Run Excel, click the 'Tools -> Add-Ins...' menu item:
  Add-Ins item from the Microsoft Excel Tools menu

3. From the Add-Ins dialog box click 'Browse' and select the 'EXTools.xla' add-in (it will be in the folder where you have extracted the ExTools files):
  Select ExTools from the Add-Ins dialog box
To uninstall Extools free Microsoft Excel add-in, just go to the the Add-Ins dialog box and uncheck Extools from the add-ins list (see Step 3 above), then you can just delete the folder where you have put the ExTools files. You can download ExTools add-in from this site again if you wish to.

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