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Extools RX - Free Microsoft Excel add in download - Free Excel spreadsheet editing tools (Excel 2007)


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Below are screenshots of just a few of the available tools and utilities in Extools RX free Excel spreadsheet add-in. There are many more features, to make spreadsheet editing in Microsoft Excel much more easier, not shown in the screenshots. Extools RX utilizes the new Microsoft Office 2007 RibbonX user interfcace style.

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The Extools RX TAB - access all tools and utilities from this tab added to the Excel 2007 tabs collection.
ExTools RX main tab

The Edit Selection menu - perform a variety of tasks on selected range.
Extools RX Edit Slection menu


The Formula and Numbers menu - perform calculation and conversions.
Extools RX Formula and Numbers menu

The Select menu - select with different chosen criteria.
Extools RX Select menu

The Date menu - calculation with dates.
Extools RX Date menu

The Unit Converter
Extools RX Unit Converter

The Text tool - perform a variety of tasks on text in selected range of cells
Extools RX Text tool